On thermal analysis

What can be found by thermal analysis?

From the primary and eutectic temperature and solidification time, such properties can be evaluated as secondary dendrite arm spacing (DAS), Si%, eutectic Si refinement, alloy purity, and crystal size.
* Refer to the section of “thermal analysis and various correlation” for the relation ship.

On the use of ALT-I

Starting the ALT-I main unit
For stable measurement, be sure to turn switch on 45 minutes before the use.
Is sampling difficult?
Just scoop up an aluminum melt by a pouring ladle (ceramic fiber spoon made by Nakayama) and pour into a specified cup. Melt temperature is measured at sampling, and pouring temperature is recommended to be 50 degrees or more above the primary temperature.
Sampling quantity
Measurement can be done by filling a shell cup to 80% up to full.
On compensation cable
Watch out for poor connection of the compensation cable, and poor insulation caused by cracked cab tire cable. Wet cable may cause leak and failed measurement, and hence, must be avoided.

On Technical support

On demonstration unit
A main unit (at the initial setting) and a cup stand may be rented for two weeks. Consumables are to be paid.

On consumables

Thermocouple type
Alumel-Chromel K type is used.
Storage of consumables
Avoid moisture and dust.
Dust can be avoided by putting a lid on the box. Moisture can be prevented by avoiding highly moist place and direct rain fall.
Thermocouple maintenance
Maintenance is done by a lot. Calibration of EMF of Alumel-Chromel can be done in our company.

On the system

Range of customization
Customization if necessary may be done at payment.
Correction of evaluation points, output (display, “Palamp”, i.e. rotary beacon light lamp, etc.) ,domestic LAN connection.
Example: Indication of OK and NG by signal color.
  • Blue: Tapping is OK.
  • Yellow: NG and action needed (refiner, or bubbling, etc.)
  • Red: NG and stop (melting must be stopped for consideration)
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On technical support