Melt Analysis

Merits of melt analysis

Metal quality can be analyzed before pouring. Thus countermeasures against potential defects can be taken as early as the melting stage. This is the foremost merit of melt analysis.

About melt quality

physical and mechanical properties.

What is a poor melt?

Inclusion of impurity

Aluminum alloy melts always have a possibility of inclusions from oxidation at contacting with air or from the scraps as the raw material.

Failure of refinement

Added refiner may sometimes be ineffective. Then the type and amount of the additive must be examined.

Melt causing shrinkage and pores

When certain impurity such as those coming from a low quality scrap is included in a melt, castings made from the melt may exhibit rough surface or porous surface at machining, or low mechanical properties. Such can be prevented effectively by making melt quality checking before pouring.

On-floor measurement and Quick analysis

On-floor measurement

It is protected from dust and heat to enable installation on the melting floor.

Quick analysis

Analysis results and suggestions for processing are given within five to seven minutes after sample pouring.

No individual bias

Full automatic analysis after pouring, and hence, no individual bias.

Thermal analysis

Melt characteristics are numerically extracted from a cooling curve from the melt stage to solidification.

For scrap reduction and quality improvement

Quicker melt treatment is possible by controlling with ALT-I.
Scrap ratio in the down stream processes can be reduced and product quality is improved.

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