Action against defects

Merits of countermeasure at the melt stage

As a method of alloy type confirmation of the melt

Preventing hazard extending to later processes

By analyzing melt properties and taking an immediate action, possibility of hazardous influence on later processes can be minimized.

Material testing

It has become a common practice to add secondary ingots and scraps to a primary ingot melt. Further, melts are often prepared solely from secondary ingots. Also returned scrap may be used. Melt composition can be checked by thermal analysis in such cases.

Example of applications

Alloys for sand mold castings and permanent mold castings

Cooling curve of sand mold and permanent mold
Measurement example: AC2B

Type and quantity of modifiers can be changed based on the analysis results, contributing to quality improvement.

Aluminum diecasting alloys

Cooling curve of the diecasting
Measurement example:ADC12

Nucleating agents can be changed based on the analysis , contributing to improved quality.


Indication of suggestions for processing

Display screen

OK is indicated for satisfactory results , and NG for undesirable results.

How to deal

Suggestions for further processing are indicated after our own experience. They should desirable be modified according to the experience of the user.

For scrap reduction and quality improvement

Quicker melt treatment is possible by controlling with ALT-I.
Scrap ratio in the down stream processes can be reduced and product quality is improved.

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